Now Available – Bringing a fresh new look to funerals

These new glamorous coffins, boasting glitter and sparkles, are now available for both cremation and burial funerals and they certainly bring something different to a funeral, making the send off for a loved one or dear friend, truly personal and unique.

We at Wyatt Brothers are thrilled to be able to offer these amazing glitter coffins to our families.The are truly beautiful coffins and the way everyone’s eyes light up when they see it, is testament to that.

Pink glitter coffin at wyatt brothers funeral directors in Plymouth

These coffins are available in a wide range of colours, 60 to be exact! So you will be sure to find a colour that is right for you.

Wyatt Brothers' selection of colours for the glitter coffins

Made by our friends at the Glitter Coffin Company, we proud to be able to offer this in Plymouth for the first time.

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Wyatt Brothers