Beast from the east?.. Business as usual!

Wyatt Brothers Hearse during a winter snow storm

‘The beast from the east’ they called it… but for Wyatt Brothers, it was just another day helping families give their loved ones a good send off, albeit with a beautiful setting and lower temperature. The snow managed to cause a lot of disruptions to the people and roads of Plymouth, but Wyatt Brothers were determined to ensure that the funerals went ahead as per the families’ wishes.. and gave us a great opportunity for photos!

Plymouth funeral directors Wyatt Brothers conducting a funeral during a snow storm

On this particular day, a funeral was held for an absolutely lovely family at the Devonport Guild Hall, which looked stunning in the cold, white snow that covered every inch of the ground, even the steps up to the hall, which meant extra care was required by everybody, especially the pallbearers! Thankfully, everyone remained safe and no accidents occurred, only smiles and chuckles at the disbelief of the weather.

Wyatt Brothers Funeral Directors team standing outside the Plymouth guildhall during winter
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Wyatt Brothers