Direct Cremation Services In Plymouth – What are they?

An empty chapel for a direct cremation funeral with no service

A cremation without a service

At Wyatt Brothers Funeral Directors, we often meet people who tell us they want a simple funeral as their farewell. We’ve all heard the common phrases along the lines of “I don’t want any fuss, just stick me in a cardboard box and be done with it!” This common sentiment highlights a growing preference for simplicity.

Upon closer inspection, it often comes down to wanting to bypass not only the elaborate aspects, but also the costs associated with funerals. We’ve discovered that numerous individuals prefer to steer clear of the conventional funeral path, such as having a procession led by a funeral director in a top hat, which doesn’t resonate with their personal style or way of living.

In reaction to these feelings, there has been a huge rise in demand for Direct Cremation or ‘Pure Cremation’ funerals, propelled by extensive direct marketing and television campaigns. This option skips the formal funeral service, fitting with the idea that people prefer spending on their families rather than on funeral costs. The ads often show happy gatherings that celebrate their loved one’s life in a positive way.

But the truth about death and its effect on those left behind is complicated. Here at Wyatt Brothers Funeral Directors in Plymouth, we have helped many families deal with all types of loss, from the expected passing of an elderly person to sudden, unexpected tragedies. The impact on families and friends can be deeply unsettling, no matter the situation.

Here is where the real importance of a funeral comes in. It’s not about how it looks but about having a ceremony that helps those mourning start to adjust to life without their loved one. Choosing ‘no fuss’ doesn’t mean skipping a funeral entirely. There are respectful and simple ways to say goodbye that honour the deceased’s wish for simplicity, whilst still keeping costs down.

If you’re faced with the tough job of planning a funeral, trust us at Wyatt Brothers as your Funeral Directors in Plymouth to guide you through this tough time with kindness and understanding.

We’re here to help you with a direct cremation in Plymouth, or to find ways to have a simple, yet meaningful ceremony. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us on 01752 600437. We’re committed to helping you remember your loved one in a way that’s respectful, affordable, and true to their wishes.

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