When Someone Dies

If you are in need of bereavement advice or general guidance,

contact us at Wyatt Brothers Funeral Directors. We’re here to help.

When a loved one dies at home

Losing a loved one is undoubtedly a challenging period, where a range of emotions and uncertainty about the next steps are natural. During such times, prioritising self-care and seeking support from friends and family is crucial.

As experienced funeral directors, we fully understand the overwhelming nature of these situations and are here to provide you with compassionate and professional guidance. Take all the time you need for yourself, and when you’re ready, our dedicated team is just a call away, ready to offer you the expert assistance and care you require.

You don’t have to face this alone – let us be there for you every step of the way.

If the death was expected

In the event of an expected death, it is essential to notify the general practitioner. If the cause of death is known, the doctor will issue the medical certificate, which is required for registering the death.

After the doctor’s visit, please reach out to us at 01752 600437, and we will handle all the necessary funeral arrangements. If the passing occurs in a care home, kindly ask the staff to get in touch with us. It might be beneficial to inform them beforehand about your choice to use us as the funeral directors.

If the death was unexpected

In the event of an unexpected death, please dial 999 to request an ambulance and inform the police. The operator on the phone will provide guidance on the necessary steps.

Once the death is confirmed, the police will get in touch with the coroner’s office, which will arrange for your loved one to be transported to a hospital.

After this, you can contact us, and we will act as an intermediary with the coroner on your behalf.

Register The Death

You must try to register a death within five days of the death at the Register Office of the district where the death takes place.

After the General Practitioner (GP) has confirmed that they have completed the medical certificate, they will send this to the register office on your behalf. Once the register office has received this certificate they will call you within a few days to register the death.

The staff are very friendly and will guide you through exactly what you need to do.

You will most likely need to purchase some death certificates to be able to close down your loved one’s accounts. You will need to estimate the amount that you will need to purchase by looking at the amount of accounts to be closed.

Some places will accept a copy of the death certificate, others will only accept an original, so be sure to check ahead.

This procedure will be different if your loved one is with the coroner, but you will be informed of this at the time.

Plymouth Register Office

1 Derriford Park,



Tel: 01752 268331

If you are in doubt, you call always call your funeral director or the register office for guidance.

‘Your kindness and help at this most difficult time for me went above and beyond what I expected. Words of gratitude are not enough.’